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Laura Caffrey and Dave McClinton:

October 11 - November 17, 2019

Opening reception: 7:00pm-10:00pm, Friday, October 11

Gallery hours: 11am-6pm, Thursdays and Fridays, by appointment on other days and evenings

Meet the artists during the first weekend of East Austin Studio Tour: 11am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday, November 16-17


Carry the Remainder features the mixed-media work of Laura Caffrey and the digital collage work of Dave McClinton.

Laura Caffrey finds beauty in the intentionally discarded and the inadvertently abandoned, the crumpled and cracked, and the back sides of things. Caffrey is drawn to the varying effects time has on different materials. She gets great joy from calling attention through carefully assembly the curious bits and pieces people may not have had the opportunity, or taken the time, to notice. With Caffrey’s lifelong fascination with art, architecture, history, sustainability and travel, she has been producing art while learning and working in these related fields. Avidly pursuing her interests has allowed her access to people, places and materials which others do not have, and in most cases, yields the very materials with which she works. She finds amazing things on the ground wherever she goes.

Dave McClinton combines his love of photography, art and graphic design to create works that speak to the viewer by communicating something specific and obvious but also harboring subtexts that require repeated viewing or discussion. McClinton creates free-standing crumpled paper still lifes, then photographs them and manipulates the images until he has created something that straddles reality and fantasy. McClinton wants to show you something familiar and then alter your perspective. These shapes and “views” are familiar, but McClinton wants to you conjure up places you have been and seen—not simply reproduce a vista for its own sake.